Friday, November 23, 2012

Dorm Room Makeover: Drab to Fab!

When I first arrived to Texas Woman's University I was very eager to start my new life run away. As you first move into college you're surrounded by strangers, weird locations, and of course a brand new room which doesn't feel or look like "home" at all. To make matters worse, I was given a very dirty dorm room which reminded me of a roach motel. Well, I take that statement back, my new dorm room was worse than a roach motel! When I first moved in I was greeted to dust, cobwebs, and of course doo-doo stains on my bed. ( I'm not kidding ) My new room was very dirty, empty, and just plain ole' boring so I decided to visit Hobby Lobby to completely transform my shabby room into a living area fit for a queen. (*cough* That's me!)   

While shopping at Hobby Lobby, I saw a lot of great items and decorations that would match my room perfectly. Before I bought any items I decided that I would only pick up decorations which entailed the Eiffel tower and the colors purple and black. Purple and black are the two main colors of my prom dress so I thought  it would be a very cool idea to incorporate my room around those exact colors. With a small budget of 100 dollars, I eventually settled and bought some really beautiful items for my room. I also bought some really cool items for my desk area as well since it'll become the main spot where I will spend majority of my time. After a few hours of decorating, cleaning and organizing, my shabby room was transformed into a chic living area just for me. 
The pictures don't lie. Take a look! :) 


Study Area

This was my study area before I went to Hobby Lobby.


Look at it now, BAMMM!!!

My prom picture was the main source of inspiration for my new and chic dorm room. I'm usually the kind of girl who always goes for pink items and such ,but I wanted to try something new and completely different while channeling a whole new me (plus,the color pink is soooo yesterday).  I was completely in love with my prom dress's color scheme,purple and black, so I chose to mainly revolve my room around those two distinct colors. Judging from the pictures, I think I nailed the perfect dorm room, eh? 

Thank you guys for reading. <3

Items purchased:
* "Keep calm carry on" pillow
*Purple oval candle holders
*Black rhinestone candle holders
* Eiffel tower wall sticker
* Eiffel tower statue
* "You Look Gorgeous" wall-lettering
* Butterfly stickers
* Peel-able word stickers

Here's a very short clip of my dorm room. Go on don't be shy, click the button! :)


  1. I love what you did with the space. I just gave my daughter her own room after sharing with her twin brother for 5 years and moved myself into our office (very small) so I love getting inspiration on what to do with my new space.

    Sara xx You have a lovely blog hun

  2. Ha ha, I understand, I've been living with my twin sister for years so now I have a room of my own. Decorating was very fun for me and thanks for commenting! :)

    Bria <3

  3. Love this! Very cute, makes me want to decorate!

  4. Gorgeous place. Fantastic interior!

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