Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cinnabun it up!


Hello ladies!
Today I wanted to share one of my hairstyles I created this morning with the help of YouTube, some bobby pins, a polka dot headscarf , and of course a drop of creativity (Chuckles). For starters, It's been really cold here in Denton, TX and the weather is not a good friend to neither me or my course, natural hair. In spite of this, I decided to contemplate a few hairstyle ideas I can wear throughout the winter time so that I wont end up with dry brittle hair towards the end of the week.

 I decided to explore YouTube yesterday and I eventually stumbled upon one of the cutest hairstyles I've ever seen called the cinnabun. The cinnabun is a cute protective style which requires you to roll, tuck, and pin your hair into a beautiful bun shape. After watching a  select video from a beautiful natural vlogger ,onyxbeauty1988, I decided to give this hairstyle a try. As you can see below, I decided to do the cinnabun hairstyle in the back of my hair while leaving out a twisted bang in the front for some extra flair. :] 
(Cute right???

Take a look!



Items needed:
1.)Elastic headband                               2.) Polka dot scarf                                       3.) Bobby pins

To achieve this hairstyle you will need an elastic head band, a cute head scarf, and of course lots and lots of bobby pins. Next, I recommend you watch onyxbeauty1988's cinnabun hairstyle video for a step-by-step process on how to achieve this cute and elegant hair style. Trust me, it's a perfect updo for natural hair in the winter time! :) 

The Video: 
Click this link below:

Hey ladies, do you guys like updos as well? What about the cinnabun hairstyle,thoughts? 


  1. Your hair looks amazing! Love the twists in front. I think it's so great when girls wear there hair naturally, I'm not a fan of extensions and weaves, personally. Also, your blog has a fabulous layout and I most definitely subscribed. :)

  2. Hello Danielle! Thank you for the compliments I really appreciate them and I'm glad you like my blog. :)
    Bria <3