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Suave Coconut Conditioner Product Review

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Suave Coconut Conditioner Product Review

Today is the day that I genuinely dread of, no it’s not laundry day, and it’s certainly not dish day either..
It’s wash day! The day I absolutely hate the most. Hear me out, I sport an Afro 24/7 everyday and every night. I have single strand knots for days, tangles for miles, and dryness like a damn desert! When wash day comes I’d rather go outside and get run over by a speeding car than wash my hair. It’s that bad! 
I can recall a time where I used to liveee' to wash my hair. I literally fathomed all day about sinking my fingers threw my coils and kinks. Those were the good ole’ days, but now it’s a freaking nightmare!!!

Luckily, through the help and discovery of one of my favorite conditioners, “Suave Coconut Conditioner“ washing my hair has become an easier task to endure but don’t me wrong I still hate washing my hair.
*finger snap* For those who are unaware of Suave, I’m sorry but you've been living under a rock your whole entire life. Their products saved my hair’s life! This conditioner really impacted my hair in so many ways, believe me when I say, “washing my hair has become an easier task to endure...” 
I really mean it and I’ll tell you why...

Off to the review!

    1.) Front View                                                                 2.) Close-Up
    3.) Bird’s-eye view                                                           4.) Design Close-Up

My Review:

For starters, let's discuss the price. One of the main reasons I absolutely love this product is because it's so darn cheap! Knowing me, I love a great bargain, especially dealing with hair products. Today, many different brands can go a little overboard with their prices, but Suave makes sure you purchase a product that's not only affordable but definitely efficient to use. Some may say, "you get what you pay for" but with this conditioner you really get a lot more! Upon using this product I was very pleased with my overall results. I noticed softness, moisture, and even slip. "Slip" is a common word to use for combing out your hair with ease. In a million years, I would've never mustered up the strength to say that combing my hair is a breeze. Usually, combing out an Afro is a workout in it's self! Just imagine the comb breaking, your hair snapping, and conditioner every freaking where!! It's far from a pretty picture ,huh?

Moisture is the second greatest asset of this conditioner. Truthfully, I've been using this product for months and I noticed a great change in the touch and sight of my hair. I can now say my Afro is; DY-NO-MYTE! Normally, I suffer from very dry strands but now my hair is very saturated and I must admit; I love it! Softness is another great benefit from this conditioner. Achieving softness and moisture at the same time can be unbelievable but Sauve never sells itself short. Softness, moisture, and slip all in one product are a triple whammy!

To top things off, I'll admit washing my hair has now been very painless and stress-free! Suave's Coconut
Conditioner helped my hair tremendously. It comes to show through the help of your favorite products, *cough*,*cough*, "Suave", experiencing wash days can be a smoother adventure for you and your hair! With that being said, try this product out for yourself you may like it or in some cases,dislike it. Everyone's hair is different, I always say, "Don't knock it till' ya' try it!

Smell: 5/5
This conditioner smells just like coconuts. 
*Warning* Do not taste! [Chuckles]

Price: 5/5
Around $1.25

What's good?

What's bad?
Nothing. :]

Use it or lose it?
Use it.

Heck yes!/Heck no

Purchased From:
Family Dollar

Overall Rating:
10 out of 10.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys found this review helpful. Let me know how this product works for you!
Happy Blogging,
Muah! <3


  1. I love suave products as well. The sleek and smooth collection is really good.

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  4. hey thank you for visiting my blog i love your blog because i actually use suave products.

    i found you through google as well , im following you and i hope you show ur support back

  5. I LOVE Suave :) I am a cheap-o, but everything they have smells divine! I don't have a 'fro, but I do have naturally curly mess that's not fun to comb through. Anyways- love your blog!

  6. @shelconnors

    Thanks for the kind words, and yes I'm a "cheap-o" as well. ;) I make sure everything i purchase is affordable..

    Thanks for reading hun'. ;)