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What's a world without shopping? I'll tell ya', a very crazy one in fact! Shopping is one of the greatest getaways of any girl's life. It's so much fun to purchase your favorite items, hang out with your friends, and snag the cheapest deals around. Although shopping is my forte', I can be very lazy to get out of bed, throw on some clothes, call up my favorite girl friends, and drive alllllllll' the way to the mall. Do you ever you just wish the mall can come to you? Luckily, you can! Thanks to the astonishing new site, "". Shopping with your friends has never become easier. is an online shopping site that not only caters to women, but men as well. Yep, it's double the fun!

This exceptional new site is clearly like any other, and I'll tell you why. Mallzee enables you to create your very own shopping mall by selecting your favorite brands such as Urban Outfitters, Office, All Saints ,and many more! After creating your very own customized "Mallzee" you can then socialize with your friends and even earn a small profit after someone purchases an exclusive item from your mall! [Well paint me blue and sign me up!!!] ....

On the contrary, I might skip the part about painting myself blue but where can I sign up? You can sign up over at, but to steer things clear hasn't launched their site yet. Once you click on the link you'll notice a sneak peek preview! This is Mallzee's special pre-launch invite for their viewers, and they'll announce their grand opening later on in the year. While you guy's fantasize about using Mallzee, make sure to sign up and enter their exclusive competition to win some really cool shopping prizes! You better scatter like roaches and hurry on over there! 

      I've already signed my butt up, so I suggest you guys do the same! c: ]
                                                                               Site Preview:

Bria: What inspired you to create

Mallzee: Mallzee is all about making shopping social again. We all love shopping at the mall, but majority of us prefer to shop online now. Why can't we get that mall fun and bring it over to the web? Chatting, exploring, and helping each other shop online is the very well concept behind Mallzee! 

Bria: What makes your site so unique and diverse apart from other social-shopping websites?

Mallzee: We focus on brands and about making shopping online about YOU again! Other sites are only focused about their products and irrelevant content. At Mallzee, we'll search for all the products for you and then let you focus on talking to your friends and actual shopping! 

Bria: What's one important piece of information you would like to share with my readers about your site?

Mallzee: We pay you to shop online with your friends! Apart from that, it's a fantastic site!--sign up now at as we are only allowing a certain amount of people to have first access. Hurry, the spots are filling up fast! Plus, when you sign up you'll get the chance to be entered into one of our exclusive competitions! 

Bria: Your site is fairly new, upon your grand opening what do expect your viewers to see? 

Mallzee: They'll notice is the only place they'll ever need to shop online! Mallzee is really going to make shopping online obsolete. We also have lot's of amazing competitions and great giveaways lined up for our first couple of months!

Well folks there you have it, written in plain sight! is going to dominate the online shopping world by storm. 

You can follow, like, and tweet Mallzee over the web!
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