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Twist n' Locs Natural Oil Shampoo&Organic Leave-in Conditioner Review

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"Twist n' Loc's Natural Oil Shampoo&Organic Leave-In Conditioner"

Hey y'all!
Today, I decided to wash my hair and give myself a little hair care pampering!
My tresses really needed a good conditioning, a strong wash, and a wee bit of a trim.
I can honestly say I've been letting myself go a little bit ,so today I deserved a little, "tender loving care."

I decided to hop in the shower and experiment two new goodies I received from a great natural hair company, Twist n' Locs. The goodies I received were packets of shampoo and leave-in conditioners. As you all may know, I'm a little obsessed with natural hair products. What can I say? I'm a true product junkie at heart!

On that note, I was very excited to try these products out for myself. I certainly didn't want to waste another minute to see how these products really worked on my curls. I really love how the company Twist n' Locs makes their merchandise all organic using some of the most healthiest of vitamins. I felt a little at ease with the knowledge of pampering my curls with the finest ingredients around. Their products are designed for any curl, coil, or kink and even dreadlock hairstyles as well!

Enjoy the review!..

*These are just sampler products

Twist N' Locs Natural Oil Shampoo:
"Soothes roughened hair for healthy lustrous shine. Excellent for dry or over processed hair. 
Natural ingredients protect hair and thoroughly cleanse thick or tightly curled hair.

My thoughts:
Shampoos can be a curly girl's worst nightmare! Many shampoos I've experienced in the past caused my curls more harm than good. After using this product, my overall opinion about shampoos have drastically changed! My hair felt unbelievably soft and even manageable. This shampoo is clearly like any other ,maybe because it's so much better? One of the few things I noticed about this fan-tabulous product were the ingredients. Several shampoos I've used in the past possessed some of the worst ingredients around! To name a few, these ingredients are as follows: Propylene glycol, Synthetic colors, Diethanolamine, and many more.(Talk about yuck, right?) However, this particular shampoo is made with healthy ingredients, unlike the others. (I'd rather not say any names, ha!These ingredients include: Nano multivitamins A, D, E, and F ,along with natural herbs such as coconut oil and rosemary. If you ask me, that's a recipe for not only a healthier shampoo experience but a healthier head of curls! 

Don't you just love a great smelling hair product? Heck, I do! While I washed my hair with this shampoo, I decided to take a few sniffs here and there. Much to my surprise, the scent was sooo wonderful. ( I literally felt like I belonged in a Herbal Essences hair commercial! ) If you ask me,  I'd say that this shampoo smells like a delicious piece of store bought candy. The fragrance of this product is so sweet, maybe even sweet enough to eat!

I'll admit, when it comes to purchasing new hair care items, I can be the cheapest girl around! I always look for a great bargain, especially when it comes to hair products. To my satisfaction, this particular shampoo is just $3.99.(Now that's what I call a bargain for such a high-quality product!)

This conditioner is infused with nano multivitamins A, D, E and F ,along with natural herbs.These natural herbs are as follows; Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Aloe Vera. 

Overall Feeling:
Overall, I'm remotely shocked amongst the outcome of my hair because of this shampoo! I'm not going to lie, before I used this product I thought I was really begging for a disaster. Many shampoos I've used in the past only caused my hair trouble on top of trouble. Can you imagine tangles and dryness? Yes, it's a bad picture! To my knowledge, using this shampoo was a breeze. This product made my hair very soft, manageable ,and even clean as well. (Well duh, shampoos were made to cleanse your scalp!) In the past, shampoos were truly my arch nemesis ,but I think my curls just found a new best friend;shampoo! 

Twist N' Locs Organic Leave-in Conditioner:
"Adds luster and moisture to dry or over processed hair. All natural formula for extra protection and shine."

My thoughts:
Conditioners are an absolute must for curly hair. Personally, my hair is very curly and very kinky at the same time ,so my curls always need a good conditioning. Today, there's a wide variety of conditioners in the natural hair market. Many of which include; deep conditioners, regular conditioners, and leave-ins. Normally, regular conditioners are apart of my wash regimen. However, after using Twist n' Loc's Organic Leave-in Conditioner, I might add this product towards my weekly wash routine from now on and considerably throughout my hair journey as well. I noticed a great change in the look and feel of my hair after my experience with this product. This small but effective organic leave-in goes a long way for any hair type that longs for some additional moisture! Usually, my hair is drier than the Sahara Desert itself, so I was very pleased after using this marvelous leave-in conditioner for the very first time. (; 

Moisture & Smell:
Ahhh moisture how I love the? Did I mention that this leave-in provides insane moisture? I'm not sure If I did but I'll gladly remind you.. My hair is very dry naturally so any moisture I receive from a good conditioner is a perfect product in my eyes. My kinks definitely feel and look so much juicer! The smell is something I adore as well. This particular product smells completely different from the shampoo but it's still a nice fragrance nonetheless;it's a very subtle aroma.

Much similar to the shampoo, this item is $3.99 as well. (I think the frugal gods know what I like!)

This conditioner is infused with; Nano multivitamins A, D, E and F along with Keratin protein. 

Overall Feeling:
Overall, I'm completely satisfied with this company's hair products! After using this leave-in, my hair felt very soft to the touch. Along with softness, I noticed my hair gave off a beautiful sheen as well. Normally, my Afro rarely showcases sheen so I was pleasantly surprised and a little bit stunned. Another great factor I would like to point out is the consistency of this leave-in. Majority of conditioners are usually thick and creamy but this particular conditioner is uniquely thin! On a day-to-day basis I rarely use leave-ins but I think I may continue to use this product! The opportunity to sample this product was very pleasing, and the outcome of my hair has never been better. Results may vary. I always say; "Don't knock it till' ya' try it!"
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