Friday, August 3, 2012

Liliana Monaco Two-tone Cream&Black Platform Wedges

Accessory Must Have:
"Monaco Two-tone Cream&Black Platform Wedges"

Hey Beauties!
Today, I decided to showcase my gorgeous new shoes famously known as,
"Liliana Monaco Two-tone Cream&Black Platform Wedges."
Originally, these are my mother's shoes, but I thought it would be a fantastic idea to adopt these beauties for my very own. Don't worry, my mom won't miss these shoes not one bit! She has a whole closet full of shoes that are fairly new... Some people just can't quit shopping ,eh? -Sigh-

Anyway, for those who are wondering, these fabulous shoes retail at a price of just 30 dollars from I was very amazed by the super low price of these chic shoes, can you blame me? Just look at them, they're beauuutiful! Personally, wedges are my favorite style of shoes, and they certainly beat a pair of stilettos any day. Sporting a pair of wedges is very effortless as well. You can easily mix and a match a cute shirt, some skinny jeans , and throw on your favorite pair!

Styling and profiling with effortless shoes are a no brainer, plus I really value a shoe that gives me some insaneeee' height. I'm a midget, so I could easily use a boost here and there!
Shorter girls need a little height too , and with these chic wedges I'll achieve just the thing! ;]
Enjoy the pics:


Extra Info:
These shoes are made with suede , and leather.
These shoes are known as, "wedges."
For this particular shoe brand there's many more colors and style options to choose from!
For those who are wondering, my shoe size is a: 8 ½.

Until next time..
Happy Blogging,


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    It's an international site with bloggers and models from all over the world.

    I love that site and you'll fit in perfectly =)


  2. Love those shoes!! :) Nice blog, btw :) I am a new Follower of yours! If you want you can check out my blog...


  3. Love those shoes!! I love wedges and shoes that wrap around your ankle makes legs look pretty!!

  4. Those shoes are so cute!

  5. omg..want want want!!!
    Found your blog via Mimika's Beauty blog hop and followed xx

  6. Aw, Thanks! I'm glad you like the shoes. :)