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Care Free Curl Instant Moisturizer Review

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"Care Free Curl Instant Moisturizer Review"

Moisturizers today claim to beautifully nourish, and moisten a head of dry hair. Are these statements actually true,or is it just a misleading gesture? The Care Free Curl Moisturizer is a daunting example of a product that claims to moisturize your hair, but yet produces quite the opposite effect. As a true product-junkie, I always make sure to find that perfect product! I can't express to you enough the countless moisturizers I've purchased, experimented, and tossed in the trash can. Moisturizers were made to moisturize, nourish, condition and most importantly treat the driest of tresses! However, a moisturizer like this belongs right on the shelf next to the line full of misleading and horribly made, "moisturizing" hair products.

I'll explain why..

My Review:
Well, hmm. I'm going to put it this way, this product sucks! Point, blank, period. There's really nothing good to say about this moisturizer. First, this moisturizer does a lousy job on keeping your hair moist. Many moisturizers were made for one reason, and one reason only;to MOISTURIZE!!! I think the company that manufactured this product really missed the mark completely.

Secondly, the smell is kinda bad, but surprisingly normal. It's a very mild smell in fact. The only problem I've surfaced is that this moisturizer has a similar smell of grease, and I hate grease! The only good thing about this product are the "defining" capabilities. Don't get me wrong, it's still a bad moisturizer ,but it's perfect for defining your curls, and coily-coils. I love the definition in my hair ,so this is definitely a plus! I'll give this product a little credibility on the defining factor, but it's merely not good enough to win me over.

The last thing I really hate about this product is how it feels! Personally, I'm not a very big fan of slippery ,or greasy products so I was very turned off after feeling my hands for the very first time. Grease plus slip is a no-no! In conclusion, I would never buy this product again. I mean if you really want moisturized tresses I suggest you look elsewhere , and fast! For the most part, everyone's hair is different so you may have a completely dissimilar experience. As far as I know, you may love this product, or like me you may hate it! Whatever the case may be, I always say, "Don't knock it till' ya' try it!"

Smell: 1/5
The smell of this merchandise really isn't that bad. If you're wondering, It's a very mild greasy smell. If you're accustomed to the smell of grease then this factor won't affect you much. Although, for myself I really despise the smell of grease ,so the product lost many brownie points with me!

Price: 4/5
What's good?
- Curl defining benefits.
- Glycerin ingredient

What's bad?
- Ingredient, "Demithicone"
- Dryness
- Smell
- Greasy feel

Use it or lose it?
Lose it.

Heck yes/Heck no!

Purchased From:
Uptown Beauty Mart

Overall Rating:
5 out of 10.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys found this review helpful. Let me know how this product works for you!
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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you've got a bad product:(
    Here's sth to cheer you up: I've tagged you for the Liebster Award for blogs with less 200 followers! Visit my blog for info!:) I enjoyed reading your blog, looking forward to more of your posts!:)
    -from :)

  2. really great, truthful review! just followed your blog x

  3. This is a product for the 80's and the infamous "Jerry Curl" At the time when MJ and Ice Cube had the style the moisturizers were meant to be greasy. It was a good product back then,but unless somebody plans to bring the jerry curl back,this product has no place in todays market.