Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A little update.

Hello everyone! 
I hope you guys are enjoying your bright and sunny Wednesday. I know I'am!
Anyway, today I wanted to point out a few changes I've made to my blog. For those who have noticed a shortage of posts this past day that means I adjusted a few old posts, and deleted some of them. Over this past year I have tremendously grown as a blogger and a writer, so I wanted all my posts to reflect that! My old posts demonstrated bad photography, and barely descriptive writing. I for one am a perfectionist when it comes to my craft! I always make sure to put my best foot forward in anything I do. In that being said, In the near future I will not delete any more posts, but I really couldn't stand the posts I published a mere year ago. I was fairly new to the blogging world, so those old posts bluntly showcased that. As days and months passed by, I have tremendously noticed a true growth in my blog, and myself as a blogger. I love what I do, so I wanted to make sure all my posts reflect my passion for blogging. I'm very sorry about any old posts that you guys may have read which I've deleted in the past. Don't worry, I have many posts coming your way ,so don't be too alarmed! I want to thank-you guys so much for reading and viewing my posts everyday, every view means a lot to me, and my blog as well!

I will continue to grow as a blogger and a writer...
 Thank you lovelies for reading&supporting!

Happy Blogging,

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