Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pink Glittery HTC Evo 3D Phone Case

Accessory Must Have:
" Pink Glittery HTC Evo 3D Phone Case "
Similar to everyone else, I'm head over heels about my smartphone!
As a loving Android user, I pay careful attention towards the up keeping of my device. I make sure my mobile accessory looks ,and performs well at all times. I mean I payed a lot of money for it, so why not? Phone cases play a big role in the safety or your phone. I can't recall the various times I've dropped ,tossed, and slammed my cellular device. I guess I have some really slippery fingers huh?

With me being so clumsy, I thought it was a swell idea to buy a new phone case. Knowing me, I try very hard to look for a phone case that reflects my style, and my girly personality. I'm not myself if I'm not seen with just a little hint of pink.

Luckily, I found just the thing. This phone case is beautifully embellished with the color pink, glitter, and style ,all wrapped up in one. I could hardly contain myself after discovering a great find from At a very low price of just nine dollars I didn't think twice about snagging a chic item for my smartphone! <3

After placing my order online, I patiently waited for my product to deliver. Upon arrival, I was blown away by how pretty this case was. The maker deserves a huge applause and a standing ovation. With my new phone case, I'll be taking your calls with a touch of faboulosity from now on.
Enjoy the pictures..

Extra Info:
+ I purchased this case from an amazing seller from London. The seller of this item retailed this accessory for only $9.66.
+ Along with the stylish case I received a screen protector, and a screen cleaner as well.
+  My shipping experience was a very good one. I patiently waited for about 2 good weeks for the delivery of my case. During this time, I didn't encounter problems due to my shipping arrangements.

*Riiing* ,*Riing*
"Who is this?"
It's faboulosity speaking darling...

Thanks for reading,
Happy Blogging,
Muah! <3


  1. Hey Dolls, I love your phone case! I am a sparkly type person. So anything sparkly, I will fall in love with it immediately.

    Great post & thanks for sharing.


  2. lols luv this post.

  3. where can i but it. email me back at plz&&thannk u .

  4. Hello Ellie, as I stated above. You can purchase this phone case at Look up; "Pink Glittery HTC EVO 3D phone case". The results should pop up. If not, contact me.

  5. I looked up
    Pink Glittery HTC Evo 3D Phone Case && I couldnt find anything. :(

  6. Hello Kelley, I will try to find the case on and I will reply to this post again with the link. Thanks.