Saturday, July 28, 2012

Destination: The Chocolate Bar

"The Chocolate Bar"
Houston is one of the biggest and liveliest cities in Texas!
This city has so much to offer. Whether you're looking for the hottest hangout spots ,or even a laid-back lounge there's something for everyone. With so many places to visit and explore it's hard to pick just one location to discover. One of those exciting places is, "The Chocolate Bar". The chocolate bar is a local candy store in North-East Houston. Similar to the well known, "Dylan's Candy Bar". This chocolate destination has it's very own signature style. Purple walls, funky decorations, and wild wallpaper are just the very few things that makes this destination standout.  Watch out Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, because this candy bar is going to give you a run for your money. ;]

Ahhh' Chocolate, American's most favorite candy. 
I can say for myself that I'm not a big fan of chocolate ,but after visiting this amazing candy bar my opinion about this tasty treat has drastically changed. I mean can you blame me? I saw more chocolate in one sitting than Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! Chocolate truffles, strawberries, pineapples, pretzel sticks, and even chocolate inspired roses are just the very few things this chocolate wonderland beautifully displayed. 

With so many varieties of chocolate it came no surprise that everybody and their momma' crowded the store just to get a glimpse and taste of something sweet! As beautiful and appetizing the chocolate appeared the prices weren't a fair game. One piece of chocolate estimated at a value of $1.85!! I mean hey, I can buy a bag of skittles at the corner store for that much. [Just sayin']

Although the prices were fairly high, grabbing a tasty treat was still a motive I destined to accomplish. After setting my eyes on a milk chocolate cherry, I quickly made a run for the checkout line. Upon purchasing, I didn't have time to waste. I desperately wanted to try this delicious candy! I didn't take pictures of this gourmet delight, but boyyyyy it was a beauty, and a well spent 1.85$. After one bite, my taste buds were in love and my mouth thanked me for a great selection! 

All I can say was, MMmmmmhhMMmmMmm!

Overall, this is a fantastic place to bring your children, a fun date, your family ,and even your snag' a' tooth grandparents. [Chuckles] The chocolate here is delicious ,and there's so much to choose from! They even have normal commercial brand candy if chocolate doesn't suit you..

If you're ever in Houston stop by the candy bar and remember to bring your elastic waistband jeans, cause' you'll definitely go crazy racking up on candy!

Enjoy the rest of the pics!

Assorted Chocolates:

Chocolate candy roses & assorted flower vases:

Texas inspired chocolates!:
"Everything is bigger and badder in Texas."

Commercial candy bar:
The picture says it all, no explanation needed.

The Chocolate Bar's sitting& dining area:
Perfect for chatting with your friends, or to exchange sweets to you'r loved ones. 
Thank-you guys for reading and visiting!
 If you're ever in Houston make sure to visit, "The Chocolate Bar".
"Where every hour is happy hour"

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What's your favorite chocolate/candy spots? Do share. <3

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  1. Sounds like my kind of place! Stopping by from Harvest of Friends weekend hop.

  2. I have family in Houston so if I visit, I have to make sure we go here! Your blog is beautiful! It's so unlike any other blogs I'm subscribed to! You're a great writer!

  3. @Jayne

    Hey Jayne, thanks so much for the lovely comments!

    I try so hard to make my blog up to part, and I love when other bloggers praise my efforts! Your comment is very heart warming...

    Thanks for reading,