Monday, July 23, 2012

Destination: Potter's Wheel

"Potter's Wheel"

Hey Beauties,
           Today, I decided to visit some local places right here in Houston!
Potter's Wheel is one of those few places here in Houston where you can demonstrate your artistic abilities, make pottery, and simply have fun enjoying art! ....

         Personally, art is one of my many talents that I posses...
Art will always be a very important hobby and craft in my life. Ever since I can remember, I've always had a niche and a deep profound passion for art. When I discovered, "Potter's Wheel" I almost immediately knew this place was most certainly in my element. This destination is truly an artist's dream! At Potter's Wheel, you can paint, sculp pottery, and of course indulge while purchasing some unique and timeless retail merchandise. I've heard some really great stories about Potter's Wheel, and with my curious instinct I made it my task to check out this place for myself! I even decided to bring my mother along for the journey as well. By doing so, I thought this artistic place would bring me and my mother closer. Drawing and art has always been a shared talent between us. 

Entering, we greeted by a really bubbly sales clerk. She made it her mission and her task to show us how Potter's Wheel really worked. Me and my mother were so thankful she did, because we were so confused about getting things started. First, she directed us towards a huge variety of sculptures to choose from. There were so many to pick from! I eventually decided to paint a cute cupcake sculpture. Meanwhile, my mother decided to paint a boring ole' princess sculpture...

                                                    [I'd expect that from her, she's average ,hah!

Soon after, we selected our sculptures and were soon greeted by a huge wall of colors! The wall of colors reminded me of a rainbow. There were so many reds, pinks , blues, purples, and every color imaginable. I've chosen black, some creams, blues, and greens. Shortly, we began to paint! 

Originally, I planned on designing a cheetah print cupcake but that idea didn't work out so well. Furthermore, that idea rapidly turned into something else. I began to paint aliens all over my cupcake! I really wanted to implicate the night sky. [Hey, I watch a lot of sci-fi movies so I knew what I was doing, hah-ha] It took me about an hour but I finally completed my creation! 

                     [Don't laugh... I'd say for myself, Picasso has nothing on my alien cupcake!]

My mother and I soon began to become very hungry from painting ,so we wrapped our brushes up, added the finishing touches, and headed over to the checkout counter! Our estimated total was about $30 dollars. Being the frugal monster that I'am, I thought thirty dollars was quite expensive for such a small painting. I guess we were paying for the ambiance? *shrugs*  Aside from that, I guess it was a well spent adventure!
Overall, visiting Potter's Wheel for the very first time was a great experience! I had lots of fun painting, decorating, and spending time with my mother. In the near future, I hope to come back once more...
To top off the night, I saw this really amazing car. It just screamed vintage! 
I really had to capture this master-piece of a vehicle.
You can almost imagine your grandmother sporting this bad boy in the late 60's. 

More Pictures:
Thank you guys so much for reading!
Happy Blogging,
Muah! <3


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