Monday, July 23, 2012

Kirkland's Lap Desk and Laptop Sleeve Combo Pack

Furniture Must Have:
"Kirkland's Lap Desk and Laptop Sleeve Combo Pack"

College is right around the corner, and with my new laptop sleeve combo pack I'm definitely ready! I attended Kirkland's this past weekend and stumbled upon this great item. This girly design really called my name. I'm truly a sucker for pink ,girly designs ,and colorful patterns. 

I'm not usually an avid shopper of Kirkland's but my mother kindly introduced me to this amazing store. If you're not familiar with this store you'll immediately recognize that it's more of a decorate furniture store. They sell everything from zebra print chairs to zebra inspired paintings! I bought this item because just like everyone else I love my laptop. While I attend college in the fall, I wanted to make sure that I safely carried around my portable computer safely and stylishly of course. With curiosity and my wandering eyes I found just the thing.

This item not only comes with a laptop sleeve but a lap desk as well.
 I know you guys are familiar with the uncomfortable pain your laptop gives you as you're searching the web with your laptop on your lap. Well the second item included makes it safer and easier to use your laptop. The reason I said safer is because laptops can get extremely hot while using them so this item definitely protects your skin. ;)
Enough banter, enjoy the pics...

Here are some pictures:

Front & Back:

Illustrated design of both items:
                              Lap Desk                                                          Laptop Sleeve                       

 At the time of my purchase this item originally retailed at a price of $29.99, but with a wonderful invention of sales called "clearance" I copped this item for only $14.99 instead. 
Two items for a price of one is definitely a steal and I'm always game for a good bargain. ;)

 Here is a close-up design of the laptop sleeves.
[I see London I see France I see polka dots, let's dance!] ;)

Extra Info:
-The lap desk also comes with a handy cup holder; perfect for your favorite soft drink or a even a refreshing bottle of water.
-In the back of the lap desk there is a compartment for extra storage. I'm guessing you can also place your laptop in this extra sleeve or maybe some cute girly folders for safe keeping.

( I made this special sign for all my fabulous back-to schooler'shope you like it! )

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  1. beautiful finds!love the colors!