Sunday, July 22, 2012

HOTD: Braid out on Natural Hair

"Braid-out on Natural-Hair"
Hello Beauties. I hope you all had a marvelous Saturday. I know for sure I did. My day consisted of much great adventures. First, I visited an amazing potter's design place and to top off the night I ate the best food over at a french inspired restaurant! As you can see below not only did I have a swell day. 
I had an even better hair-day as well. Over the past week I plaited my hair in about 10 sections, followed by perm rods for my pesky ends. I also applied Shea-butter and a little gel for definition. I held this style in for about 4 days total. Today, I decided to unleash my hair and let my curls roam free. This style can be best described as a braid-out. As you can see, I achieved much great definition, shine, and softness. This was one of the best braid-outs known to date for me. I just had to share the results with you guys. Enjoy! ;)
Tools used to achieve this style:
One of the few tools I used to create this marvelous hairstyle are as follows:
-Shea Butter
-Perm Rods
-1 Plastic Black Afro Pick

How I preserved this style:
Preserving braid outs and twist outs can be a pain in the rectum. Trust me I know. Well today before bed, I made sure to preserve this braid out for tomorrow and for many days to come. The reason behind this madness is because I love to have day-1 through day-5 hair. {I know you natural's can relate!} 
 I find it so important to preserve any style at night because your tresses deserve to look right in the morning. Preserving your hair styles can also add on to a list of styles you would like to create throughout the week as well. 

I decided to try a new technique to preserve my braid out. It's famously called banding. Banding is a common method used to create the perfect look of a twist out or even a braid out without the fuss. This technique consists of soft rubber-bands intertwining sections of the hair. I really value the banding technique because I'm not constantly putting stress on my hair by re-braiding or re-twisting my hair at night. These stretching methods may work for some ,but chile' that doesn't work for me. Okay?

This technique is pictured below:

After finishing my task of banding my hair for bed I vastly tie down my hair using my favorite silk scarf.

Thank you guys for viewing!

What's your favorite go-to styles?

Happy Blogging,
Muah! <3


  1. Hi I am your new follower from Blogaholic. My favourite go to style is Ponytail hairstyle. I would love if we can blog buddies so feel free to visit my blog @


  2. What a gorgeous braid out! I use coconut oil for mine, shea butter just tends to sit on the surface and makes my hair look filmy. Not a good look! I prefer braidouts over twist outs!