Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skin-Care Regimen

Skincare Regimen:

As a woman in this overgrowing society. There's so much pressure to be beautiful. There's pressure to have the trendiest clothes, the fiercest hair do's, and even to have clear, beautiful skin. I may not have the hottest clothes or the fiercest do's, but I do apply society's pressure toward beautiful skin. Our skin is a vital part of our body. With that being said, we have to steer clear on how we're taking care of it. Right?
Today, I wanted to show you guys a few products that I use on a day-to-day basis. These products have helped tremendously on the outcome of my skin and my confidence of course. ;) 
Through the help of Clean &Clear , and my favorite product, Ambi. I have really grown to appreciate skin care. 
{So have a seat, pop some popcorn and take notes on the greatest skincare products.

Here are some pictures:

1.Clean&Clear 3n1 exfoliating cleanser: Clean&Clear has a wide array of skin care products. One of my favorites is the 3n1 exfoliating cleanser. This cleanser exfoliates your skin, treats your pimples, and even helps prevent future breakouts all in one use! This is a really great cleansing product for those who regularly experience breakouts, oily skin , along with daily grime. I use this product in the morning, and definitely in the evening! I found this product to be very helpful towards my regimen because I know for sure that my skin is in great hands just after one use. Cleaner skin has never looked , or felt better!

2.Clean&Clear blackhead eraser: After a great cleansing, my face is ready for a good scrub!
 I make sure to use this product at least once a week. This blackhead eraser scrub is a great product for those pesky blackheads, and even for those sneaky whiteheads as well. After washing my face with this glorious product I can almost immediately feel a change and look of my skin. [You can really feel it working!] My pores are open , and my black heads have no where to hide!
3.Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub: If humans and scrubs could get married better believe I would be the first person to say, "I do!". I love this product to death. I use this scrub probably once a week, and I make sure to use this only once because too much scrubbing is a bad thing, and this is some really expensive stuff! I've been using this product for months now, and I truly feel my skin fell in love at first scrub. {Get it?..} I've noticed my skin change in so many ways after using this. After one wash, I noticed softness, and a pure radiance towards my face. Say good-bye towards dead skin, and welcome a big hello towards a healthier, yet smoother complexion. 
4.Clean&Clear Spot Treatment: When I'm done with cleansing ,scrubbingand exfoliating I make sure to use a spot treatment for my acne. This product is great for those unruly pimples. I use this product almost every day when I get the chance. Pimples really have a way of sneaking up on me. I carefully dab this product directly on my pimple. Within a few hours my pimple instantaneously decreases! This product is a must-have item for any skin care regimen. Trust me, when a pimple arises you'll have the greatest tool to pop, deflate, and treat it!
5.Ambi Skincare Fade-Cream: This cream is a true life-saver. I can't recall how many times I've seen acne scars, discoloration, and even marks on my face. I make sure to use this product faithfully every day and every night. As a woman with less than perfect skin I can be very insecure when it comes to marks on my face, so that's a main reason why I use this product. I squirt and massage this cream all over my face right before I go to bed. This cream isn't an over-night solution so I make sure I use this often. Within a few months you'll drastically see a change in your skin, and most importantly less marks , and discoloration!

Thanks so much for reading beauties!

What are your favorite skincare products?
Happy Blogging!
Muah <3


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  2. I have sensitive skin so I always have to be careful about what I use on my face. I love aveeno, it works great for me! New follower from blogaholic, I look forward to your future posts! You can find me at

  3. Ocean Salt is by far my favorite Lush product! It smells good, it feels good and has even better results!

  4. Great tips you have here! Thanks for sharing with us!