Saturday, June 30, 2012

Olsenboye Floral Backpack

Fashion Must Have:
"Olsenboye Floral Backpack"
What's pink, glittery, and affordable?...

You guessed right, it's the, "Olsenboye Floral Backpack"!

Here are some pictures:
    Here's a close up of this marvelous bag. As you can see it embellishes a beautiful pink floral design followed by glitter.. "Glitter!?" Yes, we'll talk about that later... ;)

Front View:
               This bag not only has one, not two, but three handy pockets; perfect for your nifty storage!
You can easily storage your bottled water, a couple of chic pens, and even your cellphone in these nifty pockets. The choices are endless! ;)

Along with pocket space, this bag has a main pouch located on the top of the bag. This pouch can easily pack around your books, your notebooks ,and even some paper too! Don't worry about a sore back, because this bag has you covered! [Chuckles]  ;)

Previously, I started a comment about glitter, well here it is! What's so cool and neat about this bag is that you have ultra-glittery straps! Can you say divalicous? Now ladies, we all know glitter has a tendency of shedding and spreading everywhere ,so be very selective on who you land your faboulosity on!


 For those who love bargains, [like me]. I highly suggest you check out and snag one of these stylish bags. You really can't beat a price of just 30$. Trust me it's a steal and you'll be the trendiest chica passing through the hallways of school!

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Would you rock a Olsenboye Floral Backpack?..

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  1. Hi I was wondering where u could get tht bag?

  2. Hello Stephanie,

    You can purchase this bag at ,or in their store. ;)


  3. umm hey i was on and it looks liek this bag's unavailable do you know when it might be back? sorry but i fell in love with it and i really have to have it

  4. Hello this bag is unavailable, where might I find this bag?

  5. Hello, you can search for the bag on Ebay or Amazon.

  6. Hello Tabitha, I'm sorry I'm not sure when the bag will be available again. You can try searching for the bag on Amazon or Ebay..


  7. hey i know i've commented already but i really really really need help finding this bag i've searched every single website possible for it and it's like it's gone forever omg plz i need help

  8. Hello Tabitha, I responded to your other post below. You can email me at ,and I'll try to search for the bag later on tomorrow.