Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Skin care Must Have:
"Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub"

I'll admit, I'm very selective about products. Especially when it comes to "skin care."
I can be a very big wuss when it comes to applying products on my skin. Nowadays people are very unaware about the products they use. Many famous products today are filled with harsh and toxic chemicals that can eventually do harm to our skin. Talk about yuck! Right? Believe me when I say, I'v been a victim of bad products. I can assure you that I'm paying the price for them as well. Ahem, "horrible breakouts", and don't forget ,"discoloration scars." These are the very few effects I've experienced from un-trustworthy products. ;(

Thankfully, Lush's products made me fall in love with skin care all over again. Lush cosmetics are made with the best and certified ingredients, perfect for your skin! Through the use of Lush cosmetics you'll never worry about experiencing horrible and repulsive skin care items with less than perfect ingredients. Those days are over, well for me at least. I recently purchased,"Lush Ocean Salt Face&Body Scrub"and honey I'm loving it! I'm just lost for words, because this scrub is mind-blowingly amazing!

What's so fantastic about this product is that for one, it smells very good. I can describe the scent similar to the aroma of a key-lime pie. Secondly, this product is a great scrub for your face and body. Personally, I use this product for my face rather than my body. I'm very biased when it comes to products for my face. [Ha-ha] Thirdly, the price is another great factor about this product. Many people would think $20 dollars for a petite jar of scrub would be bananas! However, If you really think about it, dishing out twenty-dollars for a high-quality scrub is worth every penny. I'm usually a very frugal person, but in my opinion this scrub works it's magic for $20 dollars! Hell, after I'm done with one jar I'll be crawling  back to Lush to snag me another! [:        
                                                                           Top View:
This scrub comes in a small, "4.2 oz." jar and because of this I try to use very little of this product. I highly recommend you scrape the top of this scrub with one index finger and use the amount resulting from the aftermath. A little of this product definitely goes a long way. 
Another helpful tip when using an awesome product like this is to add water while you're washing your face. This little gesture helps tremendously for those who have gathered too much or for those who easily wants to glide this product all over their smooth pretty face! 
 Last but not least. Remember to add warm water while using this product and use cold water to rinse it through. Trust me, your pores will be singing for joy! ;)

This product is owned by a great company called, "Lush". Their products are an earthy-girl's dream! Everyone of their products is strictly home-made and ready for use. You'll never have to worry about toxic chemicals or pesky particles on your skin. Lush carries other goodies as well. Such as, homemade soaps, body scrubs, lip-stains, and many more! 

Here's a perfect picture of what the inside of this jar looks like. This scrub is a very lovely sea-blue color. I would describe the texture of this scrub to very grainy as well. The smell, as previously stated ,smells like key-lime pie. It's the perfect aroma for those who indulge in great smelling products!

Front View:
I'm not sure who this pretty lady is, but I'm guessing she's the person who came up with a glorifying scrub like this! Her product has changed my skin's life! ;)

Extra Info
+ I use this scrub probably once a week, too much scrubbing is a bad thing. We know this is a great product but we don't want to use too much, now do we? ;)
+ This scrub comes in a larger container but it cost more. I wouldn't worry about the price, because all of Lush's products are a god-send and a present towards skin care! 
+ Scrubs are a really great item for dead-skin, oily skin, and even dry skin. Give it a try!
+This scrub can also be used as a body scrub! {How neat!}

Thanks for reading..
Do own a Lush product or even this scrub?
Happy Blogging,
Muah <3

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