Monday, May 21, 2012

HOTD: Natural Hair Cinnabon Mohawk

"Natural hair Braided Cinnabon Mohawk"

 Today, I wanted to show you guys my glorious hair style.
 This look was achieved by a picture I found over at ,"". I got inspired, well scratch that my hair stylist got inspired, and I payed the women! As you all may know I will be attending my very first senior prom! Traditionally, long curls and side-swept up do's classically made the cut for prom, but I wanted to try something a little different. My hairstylist (Breanna) braided the left and right side of my head. She then added a few pieces of kink-curly weave. To finish up the look, she suggested that I add a pompadour style to add that little pop of fierceness!

After a whopping 2 hours in the salon chair my hairstylist finally finished my hairstyle. Soon after, I was gloriously on my way to the biggest night of my life!

More pictures,

Back View:
             Here I am with my glorious hairstyle, I can truly say this was a night to remember! ;)

                                                                 Extra Info:
 + My hairstyle was achieved by a local salon, "Salon in the Park"
 +The business name is "EP Natural Hair."
+ This style estimated a price of around 68 dollars.
 For details prior ,and the salon information you can checkout their Facebook fan page,and tell them Bria sent you!    
EP Natural Hair Salon

Happy Blogging,
Muah! <3