Sunday, March 4, 2012

John Legend Concert!

"John Legend Concert"

Hey y'all!! Howdy, and getty-up!

   Over this past weekend, me and my boyfriend experienced John Legend's concert for the very first time over at the, "Houston's Livestock & Rodeo". I can say for myself that I had a blast! The music was soothing, tasteful, and hip swinging. When I mean hip swinging, I mean hip swinging. His music made me want to dance and shout for joy! I remember singing every one of his songs. (Even the ones I didn't know.)
   The set up was remarkably beautiful and the scenery took my breath away. Not to mention, the lighting for the concert was perfect as well. Houston really did an amazing job in preparing John Legend's stage performance this year. Each one of his performances captured the mood of his songs with a great digital back drop and a breathtaking firework display! I was in awe and disbelief by how amazing his performance was.
 Let me show you guys some pictures and capture the essence along with it. :)
 That means describe, ha-ha.
Here we go!!..

Here are some pictures:
                                    This was the opening of the concert! Look at those fireworks! :)

This is where he sang, "Ordinary People". Everyone in the audience sung along with Mr. Legend
including me! That was my sooong! :)

[ Yeehaw! John Legend you better sang that song! ]

This is where he sang, "Green Light" .I couldn't even sit in my seat a good minute because I was dancing! 
This song moved me y'all. ( Lol )

This is where a lucky audience member got to meet John Legend in person, he gave her a rose right after!
I was soo jealous. -.-; lol. 

After the concert we attended the carnival and this was our last ride, we were on the ferris wheel so I took a pic of the scenery behind me. :)
Overall we had a blast ,even though my babe didn't like John Legend as much as I did. We created some memories that day. Some memories we may never forget...
Thank you guys for reading!
 Have a nice weekend and if you're ever in Houston visit the, "Houston Livestock & Rodeo" better hurry, it only comes once a year! 

Bye, and Stay Beautiful!

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