Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brown Studded Glasses

Hey Loves,                                                                

  I hope you guys are enjoying your lovely day, you'll enjoy it even more once I showcase my beautiful glasses to you guys. "Glasses you say?"... "Yes my glasses!", but they're not some ordinary glasses. These glasses are hip, stylish, and don't forget, oh-so cute! I purchased these beauties over at "TSO". For those who aren't familiar with the name its, "Texas State Optical". A lovely eyeglass boutique for all shapes, colors, and styles of eyeglass wear. I specifically choose these select glasses because they were made for my face and I could see beautifully now. I highly recommend this amazing boutique for Texas locals, your eyesight will thank you and your inner diva will applaud your decision. Lets look at some pictures, shall we..?

Here are some pictures:


Tilted Side View:

Slight Distant View:

Side of glasses:

Front Side-View:

Side View:
I used one of my "cosmetology" dolls to model my glasses. As you can see I captured the very well  image of how I described my glasses to you guys. Rhinestones, simple white lines, and glamour! ;)

Who said looking "nerdy" wasn't cute?

       Front View:
 Here's another great image captured on my beautiful dolls. They model these glasses very well don't they!?
[Work it, Work it!]

Extra Info:
After carefully selecting my glasses over at TSO, I ordered them , and paid a whopping 10 dollars extra. These select glasses were on the "special payment rack" , no need to explain but they were.  ;) I filled out my information, swiped my card ,and the process started as I patiently awaited 7 business days to pick them up. 
TSO provides quality service with exceptional eyeglass wear! You won't be disappointed, so if your'e a blind bat just like me I recommend you check out your local TSO and maybe even pick-up the same pair! 

Company Site:

I hope you found this post helpful,

Bye, and Stay Beautiful!

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