Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweetie Jackie's Black Sparkly Prom Heels

Accessory Must Have:
"Sweetie Jackie Prom Heels"

It's Prom season, and you know what that means?...

Sparkly dresses, fierce make-up, and the baddest prom heels!

My "Sweetie Jackie Prom Heels" are the very meaning of a"Bad-ass shoe!". 
These shoes are definitely fierce, diva-licous , and remarkably chic. The minute my twinkle toes step in these heels I feel like a sassy Beyonce ,better yet, an edgy Rihanna. I first saw these shoes in a local boutique for prom dresses briefly called, "Panache". This boutique is located in the North-West side of Houston, Texas. If you're ever in need of prom shoes, a daring cocktail dress, a classic wedding gown ,or even a girl-licous prom dress. They're the ones to cater to you. 

These shoes were roughly 95 bucks in the Panache boutique but thanks to my budget-hunting mother she found these online for half the price and double the service. This amazing online boutique is called, "" Over at this site my mother used a promo code that eventually took 10 dollars off our entire purchase. The total cost was about 64 dollars, (Not bad huh?) Afterwards our order was received and we waited patiently for my sparkly dream shoes to arrive.

I'll let the pictures do the talking,

                                                                          Front View:

Side View: 
[Facing right direction:]

Back View:

Laid down position view:

Top View:
Here's my shoes in their packaged form. 
As you can see the box is beat up and from the looks of it; it seems like its been all over the world but my shoes still look gorgeous. I'm not too familiar with, "everything4pageant's" box design ,but for this brand of shoe the box is red with a white top that says, "Sweetie's Shoe Collection." 

Top of packaged box cover:

Side Notes:
+My shoes are 6 inch heels.
+The original price of these shoes are around 100 dollars ,but I got them for 64$ thanks to
+The stepping part of the heel are suede so you have no trouble slipping or falling.

Thank-you guys for reading and viewing my blog post. 
I hope you found this very informative and helpful.
With my "Sweetie Jackie Prom Heels", I'll be the fiercest diva at prom! 

Happy Blogging,
Muah! <3


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